Caramel Nuts

Caramel Nuts
Caramel Nuts is incredible, not only in terms of taste but also in terms of maths. Simply add up the crunchy hazelnut pieces in butter caramel cream, rice flakes and our classic milk chocolate, and you can see that you just need one single bar for four times the enjoyment.
Chocolate-> (83)
  Alveys (5)
  Amber Lyn Chocolates (20)
  Farr's (7)
  Kinder (2)
  Lindor Chocolates (9)
  Ritter Sport (27)
  Utah Truffles (13)
Cosmetics-> (180)
Essential Oils-> (101)
Health-> (281)
Misc-> (85)
Skin Care-> (117)
Snacks-> (347)
Sports Nutrition-> (234)
Toys (2)